Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Musings of a Born-again Morning Person

So I told myself that I should really blog at the end of the day, so I can actually write about my day, but alas, as I sit at my computer, drinking my second cup of coffee after my 5:45 am wake-up, I find that there's too many thoughts floating through my head, and since I have the time to jot a few down, I'd rather not wait. And here we go:

Sitting here daydreaming about the lovely nerdiness I've developed through osmosis from my husband. The fact that we still don't own and haven't played Lego Harry Potter yet is an utter travesty. Also, we have Star Wars Monopoly tucked away in a cabinet, and I've been itching to break it out for one of those mind-boggling, up-until-3-in-the-morning marathon games. I have about 15 Buffy comics stashed on a shelf still to read before I catch up, but NO time to read them, as I'm taking 3 lit classes this semester. And while these may seem like complaints, they are mostly just me embracing  celebrating my inner geek. Can't wait till Christmas rolls around so I can brag about our Christmas droids!

Been bitten by the travel bug again. Thing's worse than a damn mosquito - its always out for my blood. Better yet, its IN my blood, this wanderlust and wonderlust. This deep, passionate need to see as much of the world and as much of humanity as possible in this short, precious life. The world beckons, and I itch to follow, to explore, to revel in all of the beauty there is to see. My heart swells with it and remembers sights so beautiful it felt as though it cracked a little. And indeed, every new place I've ventured, every ounce of beauty my eyes and heart and mind have been lucky enough to drink in, has caused a small crack, a miniscule opening in the boundaries of my heart, until those boundaries become inconsistent, insubstantial almost, with every breath of wonder that fills my lungs. Its not just that I love to travel and see new places; I love how travel changes me, broadens my world view, exposes me, humbles me, fulfills me.

I want to throw out a few aspirations for my blog here:
  • If I can ever get my camera to work again, there will be pictures. I adore photography, I love having (and sharing) these beautiful images of life.
  • Although its a blog for the now, I will be chronicling my dreams as well, because my dreams so often drive my present.
  • You won't see a whole lot of complaining on here, because that is just not the purpose of this blog. So, no, my life is not perfect, but I'm here to reflect on the blessings, not the little annoyances. I refuse to give them any more thought or power than they deserve.
  • I hope this blog will help me grow. I hope it will further break down the boudaries, the walls, around my heart, because I don't want to protect myself if it forever keeps me separated from people.

The it for now. School beckons. A big, scary test this afternoon beckons. But after that, cuddles with kitties and the husband, so its shaping up to be another good day.

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