Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Self Pep Talk

Let's say I ended up having a pretty rough time yesterday. Even though I thought I had a pretty positive handle on things, I had so many overwhelmed (and not in the good way) moments. So let's say I may have cried not once or twice, but maybe somewhere around three times throughout the day. I even got a little upset with a cashier at the grocery store, which just about never happens. Over a little thing. Because yesterday everything felt so big. So unsolvable. So desperate. And despite what I wrote yesterday, I was so steadfastly resisting that call to live a bigger life to meet all the 'big' unpleasant things. It happens. We're all human.

So where am I this morning? Somewhere between halting apprehension and ready to conquer the world. I'm at a point where its an entirely uphill battle, but I know I'll get there, and oh, how strong I'll be. I had a few moments scattered about yesterday where I thought to myself, "This? This freezes you in your step and makes you want to hide under the covers? Darling, you've been through SO much worse! This is a speed bump, nothing more. You've conquered mountains - this is nothing. Do not fear." Yesterday I wasn't ready to listen to myself, but I think today I'm getting the message. The warrior inside doesn't back down. The wild child will not be silenced. I have stength and passion to see me through this rough patch, not to mention amazing family and a husband I don't know how I could love more. How can you fail with all of that in your corner? Exactly. There's nothing left to do here except work harder, lean a little on those I love, and prevail.

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